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This video feels like an invitation to an intimate and laid-back groove session. How did you try to achieve this feeling in the video?

Just being who we really are, no acting, with the personal and group photos, along with the group performing helped to pull it together.

How have elements of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop helped create your sound today?

The hip-hop and jazz elements are covered by Slum Village, who were voted in the top 40 (#39) hip-hop groups of all time by Billboard magazine.  Our first hit record “Shackles” also fits those criteria. The R&B elements come naturally; please add Gospel, for we embody all creative sounds.

How do you think that music and visuals complement each other? How did you strive to achieve a perfect balance in this video?

We knew this would be the first time the public would see the group again, so we had to get it right. It was a learning experience; we grew to trust each other, and after that, it was all creative. It was a pleasure working with Rod.

Has the Detroit music scene had a big influence on your music? If so, how?

Detroit has a mega history; you must find a spot to fit in… once we found it, the musical influences started to come from every direction.

Do you have advice for anyone who is trying to have a full-time career in music?

Focus on getting one fan at a time on social media.

Having been around in the music scene, what is it like to see how hip-hop started compared to where it is now?

Could’ve not imagined it would have lasted this long. “Shackles” was one of the first R&B/hip-hop songs at that time; the popularity of the song was reignited when STARZ featured it in the BMF (Black Mafia Family) series.

Is there anybody in the music scene today who inspires you?

Charlie Wilson, Sade, and Earth Wind & Fire.

What’s the next “destination” for RJ’s Latest Arrival?

We don’t know, but we’re going to enjoy the ride.

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