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Star Trek: Discovery has had one of the craziest rides of any of the Star Trek shows. While other efforts in the Star Trek franchise have remained consistent from season to season for the most part (with the notable exception of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2, the Xindi arc in Enterprise or the Dominion war seasons in Deep Space 9), Discovery has continually innovated and changed up the formula. While there has been a LOT of discussion about Michael Burnham as a character, I do like the road to redemption arc that she has had over the seasons included in this box set. I also like the shakeup that has occurred among characters like Saru and Culber, and it really took me having the DVD box set to see the larger picture that the showrunners had when crafting this show.

Set up at an approachable price (around $70-90), this box set comprises the show’s first three seasons. The visual quality of the transfer is decent, especially when one compares them to pre-HD shows like Voyager and the aforementioned Deep Space Nine. For individuals that have not taken the plunge and have purchased their own access to Paramount+, this box set is the perfect way to get their feet wet. This release is the perfect sort of gift for any physical media completist that can wade through countless criticism levied by cellar-dwellers and trolls. Good on Paramount for bundling this up rather than only offering a season by season set.

Rating: 8.8/10

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