Tyrone Wells – Hold On

Tyrone Wells – Hold On / 2007 Universal Republic / 12 Tracks / http://www.tyronewells.com /

I had absolutely no idea who Tyrone Wells was when we received the CD here at NeuFutur headquarters. Essentially, Wells gained prominence through having eir songs played on a number of shows I wouldn’t touch with a twenty foot pole. These include: One Tree Hill, Numb3rs, Meet the Barkers, and Three Moons over Milford. Essentially, what starts out “Hold On” is a track that is virtually indistinguishable from the work of a Blessid Union of Souls. In a more contemporary comparison, Wells and John Maher seem to be peas in a pod. This does not mean that ey plays a dated style of rock, but rather that what Wells does on “Hold On” is create a feel-good brand of pop rock that links together Blues Traveler, Dishwalla, and the like into a college-friendly sound.

The guitar work that fuels a track like “Sea Breeze” is reminiscent of a blend of Santana and Bon Jovi. The soulful vocals will be what floats out of many a dorm and frathouse window. The slinky sound of “What Are We Fighting For?” provides individuals with a slightly different sound to ascribe to Wells, but the second that individuals listen to the vocals, it is only a matter of time before individuals can identify the source. It is during “What Are We Fighting For?” that a little bit of a Maroon 5 influences comes into play. Wells will undoubtedly be able to claw eir way up the CMJ charts, and this belief is only solidified with a track like “Falling”. “Falling” has the smoothed-out vocals that will make individuals’ hearts skip a beat.

The guitar work is not cutting-edge, but it provides a nice second type of higher, vocal-like sounds. Any of the twelve tracks on “Hold On” could conceivably make it onto a show like those described above. I don’t see where Wells could expand eir sound any further than is present on “Hold On”. Saying that, it would not be a problem to hear minor variations of this album released every few years. If that was possible, I could completely see Wells assuming the mantle of a Dave Matthews or Jack Johnston. Go and see Wells live when ey is playing a student union or a coffee shop around your college; if you like Matthews, Maher, or the aforementioned Johnson, “Hold On” should be an album that is a must buy.

Top Tracks: She’s Leaving, Jealous Man

Rating: 6.5/10

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