Step Up 2 The Streets (DVD)

“Step Up 2 The Streets” is the direct sequel to 2006’s “Step Up”, and is a dance movie that is really made by the individuals that provided choreography. This means that Dave Scott (Stomp the Yard) and Hi-Hat (Bring It On) are present, telling the story of Andie West (Briana Evigan, from Something Sweet and Bottoms Up), and eir attempts to create a new crew separate from the 419 without either incurring the 419 crew’s wrath or being sent to live with eir aunt in Texas.

The plot of the story is secondary in importance to the numerous dance scenes that are present, which are intricate, fresh, and show immense familiarity with the songs that are provided. Viewers of Step Up 2 The Streets that are present on dance teams or other related endeavors will take notes, as there are some combinations that will be simply to die for. There are so many additional features to Step up 2 The Streets, that going through all of them will keep individuals busy for a period of time that is longer than the entire runtime of the film. This means that there are a number of music videos for tracks played during the film, whether it be “Let It Go” by Brit @ Alex, “Killa” by Cherish and Yung Joc, or even “Low” by Flo Rida and T-Pain (among others). Furthermore, there are scenes that were ultimately cut from the film, of which the dance by the West Coast Riders and Jabbawockeez crews will get viewers’ hearts pumping the fastest.

The other side of the deleted scenes coin, that of the outtakes reel, shows the human side of the cast and crew, revealing a number of screw-ups that is funny at the same time as it is endearing. Keeeping with the humerous side of things, the prank that is included here involving Robert Hoffman is done well, in the Punk’d style. However, where I found myself focusing in on the most had to be the two final featurettes that are present on this DVD: “Outlaws of Hip Hop” and “Through Fresh Eyes”. The “Outlaws of Hip Hop” featurette deals with the real 410 crew, while “Through Fresh Eyes” brings the viewer behind the scenes to show exactly how Step Up 2 The Streets was created. Step Up 2 The Streets stand as its own film, and does not require intimate knowledge of Step Up to properly enjoy.

Rating: 6.8/10

Step Up 2 The Streets / 2008 Buena Vista Home Entertainment / 98 Minutes / /

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