Nympha (DVD)

Nympha was originally released last year; director Ivan Zuccon may be remembered for previous works such as 2003’s The Shunned House and 2006’ Bad Brains. The film surrounds Sarah (Tiffany Shepis; Tromeo and Juliet, Bloody Murder 2, Boobies), and eir attempt to join a nunnery. Sarah has to endure progressively worse treatment by the existing nuns, both to rid eir body of evil and ensure that ey is a good fit for the convent. Flashback scenes are interspersed with the action occurring in the present, allowing for some further explanation for why exactly Sarah is taking this massive life step in the first place, and possibly why the actions taken against Sarah seem so violent and unnecessary.

The passionate scene that is present n the movie between Sarah and another member of the convent really shows a unity of past and present, between holy and unholy, and while naysayers may just paint it as an unnecessary type of lesbian scene, I feel that Zuccon’s inclusion of the scene makes sense and provides a different tack to the movie than it would otherwise have. The bonus features that are present on “Nympha” are not too far outside of the traditional ones placed on a DVD – delete scenes, bios, trailers for other films, and featurettes that open the context up of the film – but they grant individuals a better view into director Ivan Zuccon’s film, why ey chose the specific themes that are ultimately explored in the film, and these bonus features give individuals that may have already seen the film the chance to go forth and purchase this MTI release.

While there does not seem to be too much in the way of current projects that Zuccon’s man is attached to at this time, MTI has a solid slate of films extending through September and October that solidify their reputation as one of the best independent studios around. If you like your horror to be more psychological rather than just being gory or full of hackneyed plot premises, make it a point to search out a copy of Nympha. The acting is stellar given the typical performances of individuals in the genre, and the scenery present in Nympha is just beautiful, adding much to the overall feeling and atmosphere of the film.

Rating: 8.2/10

Nympha (DVD) / 2008 MTI / http://www.mtivideo.com /

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