NeuFutur Magazine Introduces The Williams Family

We are the Williams Family. Katie the youngest, sings, plays guitar and keyboards, writes and arranges, Madison sings, plays the keys and writes, Jammy sings and write and arranges the vocals and Storm sings a little, plays the keys, guitars and programs the drums and helps with the writing and arranging. Our purpose is to bring honor to the Creator of all music and creation our Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ. We also enjoy having fun with making music.

Why this name? That’s our name. Do you play live? On rare occasion. We hope to do more coming in 2009. Stay tuned for more. Your influences? Too many to name. There is no telling what you will hear from our little group. We go from hip/hop rap to classical to hard rock to folk. again stay tuned. Favorite spot? Any where we are all together.

Equipment used: The Bible, Prayer (lots and lots) Fender and Epiphone guitars. Cakewalk Dimension Pro softsynth. Cakewalk Rapture synth. Korg keyboards, several computers Peavey Sound enclosures, mics and assorted PA gear and beta-monkey drum loops Anything else…? There are no regrets in following Christ. There are plenty of regrets elsewhere.


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