100mNYC Compilation Set To Be Released 1/26

To celebrate our first 10 releases, we are pleased to announce the 100mNYC compilation of artists from the New York underground. Featuring Bowery Boy Blue, Moritz Wettstein, The Brooklyn What, The Specialist, ElodieO , Fates, Django Voris, The Courtesy Tier, Iamprimate and This Reporter.


1. Now We Will Be Brothers – Bowery Boy Blue
“Somber, heartfelt and sublime.” – 3Hive

2. Secrets – Moritz Wettstein
“A rather alienating mixture from Progressivedub and Seattle activism” – Gray Suburbs

3. I Don’t Wanna Go To Williamsburg – The Brooklyn What
“Something you would have seen at CBGB around 1977… blazingly energetic, loud, often hilarious rock with purist punk energy, intelligence and a spot-on, often vicious sense of humor.” – Lucid Culture

4. Cuckoo – ElodieO
“A singer whose breathy, visceral voice is matched only by the 21st-century downtempo electro-pop that backs her up.“ – XLR8R

5. New Love Concept – The Specialist
The visceral solo work of Glass Rifle, and Prisoner In Orbit lead singer Filippo Passamonti.

6. Big Nature – Django Voris
The sound of a jackhammer at 1/20th speed, squeaky brakes on buses, local business jingles from the 80’s, operas about world leaders, that happy growl a dog makes when playing with a new furry toy.

7. Cold – The Courtesy Tier
“It’s the sound of an army of vigil antis (sic) lurking in the shadows, dwelling in their desire for some sort of vengeance. Courtesy Tier is a reminder that good things happen when you stick to the roots.” – Knocks From The Underground

8. Murky Circuitry – Fates
A mix of extreme, urban artificiality with a spacious, natural overtone. Fates is a collaboration between Moritz Wettstein, Django Voris and PJ Norman (Iamprimate).

9. Cameras – Iamprimate
Cameras is a B-side from the forthcoming Iamprimate album Light.Breaks.Focus.

10. Stop Me – This Reporter
“Complex and remarkably accessible, atmospheric yet earthy, sparse acoustic instrumentation cutting through dense arrangements.” – Lucid Culture

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