Sean Patrick is a New Jersey Rock/Pop/Acoustic artist.Sean started playing guitar at age thirteen,shortly after being pushed around by his sixth grade teachers about his failing grades.Sean wasn’t the punk type in school but,didn’t take too much crap either.You know what I mean? Before guitar playing,Sean started out playing the drums and was considered quite good among his peers;until school grades and report cards.

Growing up in New Jersey,Sean Patrick was influenced by many musicians such as,Counting Crows,The Beatles,REM,Echo and The Bunnymen,The Smiths,JarsofClay just to mention a few. Sean Patrick has played many shows and venues over the past few years.Sean Patick has been in several Rock/Alternative/Christian Rock bands.In 2006,Sean Patrick started working with Squirrel Ranch Studio Engineer /Producer Tom Reock.At Squirrel Ranch Studio Sean Patrick wrote several songs which Sean Patrick released on his debut cd entitled INVISIBLE in November of 2007.Sean Patrick’s debut cd INVISIBLE was made available to i-TUNES, and in several countries as downloads.

In 2008,Sean Patrick started work on his latest cd project entitled In The Midst of The Raging Storm,which is said to be released in 2009.Early April,2008,Sean Patrick started filming his debut music video for his well received song ANGEL.Sean Patrick’s debut music video was released in July,2008 on Patrick’s MySpace page receives over 6,000 plays a day.Since April or 2007,Sean Patrick’s MySpace page has received over 2,000,000,000 hits.Sean Patrick was listed Top Artist in several catagories on MySpace for several months in 2008.

In September,2008 Sean Patrick received a phone call from Jam For Life Founder Papa Carl Anderson.Papa Carl stated that he wanted Sean to join him and about 30 other New Jersey well known musicians for his 4th Jam For Life Show,in Trenton New Jersey.The Jam For Life Foundation helps raise money for many Organ Transplant Programs.This year,2008 it was for Liver Donor Transplant Programs.Sean Patrick along with JustPassingThrough drummer Ron LeeJack and Bassist/Friend Rudy Ruedemann joined Sean on the Jam For Life stage to perform several of Sean Patrick’s songs from his debut cd INVISIBLE and also his soon to be released cd In The Midst of The Raging Storm.The show completely sold out by the way.


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  1. Hey i enjoyed the article on this artist..Being from Princeton,NJ it’s nice to see artist like this receive
    some reconition.I’ve heard Mr.Patricks music and read his words carefully and
    enjoy his wisdom and music..We need more music like Mr.Patrick’s.

  2. Yes I have this album and for an unknown artist it is beyond good.Its awesome..I wish he played in LA area.Would definitely see him.

    Ray Henry

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