Art rockers Sophe Lux releasing new long playing CD single

Sophe Lux is a dynamic art-rock opera ensemble from Portland Oregon. In the tradition of bands like Of Montreal, early Roxy Music and Arcade Fire, their performances are lavish spectacles with shiny costumes and outlandish theatrical performances.

The band is fronted Gwynneth Haynes aka “Mercury Lux” (sister of indie film maker Todd Haynes’ [Velvet Goldmine, I’m Not There, Far From Heaven].

Lead vocals, keys, primary songwriter: Mercury Lux

Bass, backing vocals: Jaguar Lux

Keys, synth, accordion, backing vocals: Fauna Lux

Guitars, backing vocals: Kyote Lux

Drums: D-Lux


This song is intended to be a ritualistic soul retrieval aimed at banishing the poisonous spirits of excessive greed, material lust, war mongerism, prejudice and hate out of the wasteland of the American psyche. The song ends in a full on theatrical exorcism for America. In the style of the Byrne/Eno classic My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, the preacher calls the subject up to be examined. This time it is not a person but a country that is in need of the healing. The preacher calls to her as the collective psyche of America (the chorus) responds chanting to the rhythmic pattern in ecstatic trance. The trance builds in primal tension and erupts into a collective orgasm of release.

The song begins with the primal rhythmic pattern from Stravinsky’s rite of spring followed by a bomb exploding. A wry allusion to America’s dangerous karmic legacy (native American genocide). And this is just the inception of America’s dirty history: So much to be cleansed from.

Verse one takes us to the present day fall of America. Seductive synth-pop and sexy strat hooks glide over a scratchy kate bush style 80’s pop soprano. The vocalist Calls America on the carpet for her rather humiliating fall from power on the world stage.

The chorus breaks into a message of hope: “A stream under the filthy streets is calling you. It says “this is all a dream don’t let it swallow you. The pure of heart beat like a golden flame. Like a chariot with wings calling out your name!”


Like the birth of a new star rising from the heavens the song begins with an eerie Bali Hai classical-style piano then breaks into a driving rock verse.

This song is about the dream for more beauty, love, and intelligence in this lonely world. It is about the hope for inspiration and new ways of seeing as well as the desire to recover the parts of our power and soul that have been lost.

Gee that’s an awful lot to ask a song to do, but that was the intention behind it at least.

The lyrics call in the courage and strength needed to face an uncertain future, and they call on the consciousness of wisdom sleeping within us to awaken.

The choruses echo: “Be wary of wisdom that is not your own.”

Then chaos comes to conceive the new life.

After the chaos ends we feel a new birth. The oceanic

moog, the mournful guitar, and shang ra la paino suggest a new dawn emerging.

The angelic chorus chants “Sophia.” She is the goddess of wisdom. They call upon her to awake inside of us.

Song Lyrics:


America she dreams ah o ah o

Cracking at the seams ah o ah o

She ain’t what she used to o what she used to be!

A spring under the filthy streets is calling You

A voice cries out “this is all a dream” don’t let it swallow You

The pure heart beats like a golden flame

Like a chariot with wings change shall come

America feels shame ah a ah o

Faded stars, yet vain, a oh ah oo

The curtain falls as the actors slowly go insane

A spring under the filthy streets is calling you

A voice cries out “this is all a dream” don’t let it swallow you

The pure heart beats like a golden flame

Like a chariot with wings change shall come

And now you’ve found something special to be


One more try is all they’re giving you

So make up your mind

One more try is all they’re giving you

So make up your mind

Cause Time, time is running thin

Here comes the exorcism of America

Are you American?

(Ok you are)

So you are possessed

Are you ready then?

OK Get Up Now!

Seduced by the whores of culture,

You have betrayed the veracity of your soul

Get out GREED!

Get out PAIN!

Move on SHAME!


Your tiresome consuming You hungry ghost I see you!

Easy now Hubris!

Away Prejudice!

Oh sorrows of industry

Your misbegotten dreams of suburban paradise

(the artificial lights)


Love the terror in your heart -All your Glory

Serpent rising body and soul -All your Longing

There’s a change coming quickly for for-All that’s Holy!

Is it an act of grace or is it the Law?

To her power we must return- Dark becomes Light

We cannot be saved till she returns- From the Water

She is the Blessed elixir of life-All that’s Holy!

The pendulum swings and Like begets Like

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