Copper Sails Ride Success of “Hiding Place”

Not only has Copper Sails been able to reach a wide audience in a short amount of time, but the Virginia-based band has achieved this in ways that break the traditional mold of how a band should be heard. On their new album Hiding Place, out January 13, 2009, Copper Sails showcases exactly what makes them so alluring.

Their mass appeal resulted in the track “Sleeping Giant” landing a feature placement on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight” during their “Diamond Cuts” segment, which reached over 4 million viewers. Moreover, Copper Sails was chosen as a Budweiser True Music band, and their growing popularity in the Northeast has led them to share stages with the likes of The Strokes and Switchfoot.

On Hiding Place, Boomer Muth (vocalist/bassist), Jonathan Crawley (vocalist/guitarist), Kyle Crosby (keyboardist) and Jim Courtney (drummer/vocalist), take pop sensible melodies while defining themselves through textured guitar atmospheres, lush keyboards and dynamic rhythms.

advance praise for “Hiding Place:
“…there is something different about Copper Sails. Perhaps it’s how Crawley and Muth blend their lead vocals to heighten the emotional, searching drama of their lyrics. Or maybe its how they get their complex guitar parts and Crosby’s fully realized keyboard schemes to dance so easily together, or how the rhythm section of Courtney and Muth engage in stunning dynamics that lasso listening ears….” – Goldmine

“Filled with melodic elements and an enthralling mix of edgy and serene rock, Hiding Place makes for an interesting collection of songs that beg you think twice as to whether or not you’ve heard them before.” – Metro Spirit

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