Julia Nunes To Release New EP, I Think You Know!

A musician since age 13, Julia Nunes is revered for both her playful songwriting and massive YouTube fanbase. Julia’s YouTube video channel has received nearly 30 million views! The 20-year-old upstate New York native is pleased to announce the release of her 5-song EP, I Think You Know. The record was produced by Jack Conte of Pomplamoose and will be released February 2, 2009 on Rude Butler Records.

Julia was invited on a Summer tour with Ben Folds in 2008 after hearing her dazzling cover of one of his songs. Her upbeat ukulele-driven songwriting style has also caught the attention of Molly Ringwald who said on Good Morning America in June 2008 that she took up the instrument after seeing Julia play on YouTube.

While Julia mainly plays ukulele, melodica, piano and guitar, she also likes to use household items such as pillows, water bottles, tissue boxes or an old slinky, for extra percussion. “I Think You Know,” the deceivingly upbeat title track from her upcoming EP, features a toy piano, hand claps and layered vocal harmonies.

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