NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Chanse Whiiter

Hip-hop artist Chanse Whiiter has announced a move to team with A&R Select, the premier A&R firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. The firm’s wealth of resources in the entertainment world is matched only by the amount of talent, passion and energy Chanse puts into his rap music. Take, for example, the compelling single “Last Chanse,” a song that serves as “a pep talk for an artist and a generation of people that have had every obstacle placed in front of them but chose to fight for success anyway,” says Chanse.

The song is full of this rapper’s signature grooves and equally distinct verbal delivery. His lyrics don’t hold anything back and his beats are infectious – the addiction to end all addictions. He dares you to stop listening.

The track hails from his debut album, “Gotta Get It!”, which was given a limited release in 2007 but is now available widely.

Chanse is an artist who came from a hard-life background but turned those hurdles into the inspiration for energetic and self-empowering music. “I was born into the typical story of a mother on welfare and a father not around,” says Chanse. “Chanse Whiiter is the inner voice of a man trying to make something outta nothing so his kids and his family can live a bit differently.” After false starts such as hustling drugs, then working three jobs to try to stay “legit,” Chanse finally found an outlet in the form of hip-hop – something he discovered he had a natural instinct for. After spending time with Machine Shop/Warner Brothers recording artists Styles of Beyond, Chanse made his debut. Then came the 2007 release of his first album, his first recorded document of a life born in despair but thrust toward success with a combination of talent and determination.

In 2008, he founded Last Chanse Music.
He has opened for such acts as Paul Wall, TechN9ne, Ill Bill, Everlast, Reyes Brothers, DJ Quik, Back Yard Pimps, Sly Boogie and Johnny Blaze. He was tapped as the top artist of 2007 at, nabbing more than 300,000 views (internationally) of a recorded in-studio performance in 90 days. He was also declared breakout artist of the year in 2007 by the Low Life Video

Performer Awards.
Touring is upcoming, with plans to hit the road as part of the Anthem Lifestyle Tour with Lil Flip, Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, Ray J, Chino XL, Frankie J and others. Next year, a tour throughout the continental 48 is planned.

He has also announced that a sophomore album and mixtapes are in the works. More information is available by visiting

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