NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Jussbill

Jussbill’s debut album promises to be the most powerful,soulful,sexy,emotional,and most of all spiritual experience of this musical generation. From the city of Bakersfield,California, Bill grew up as an all-around entertainer. Acting,singing,dancing and comedy are all a large part of what always seperated Bill from the norm.

“In Life I’ve Learned” is more than just entertainment and blissful melodies. It is a man’s journey towards inner peace and ultimate joy. It chronicles the heartache and struggles along the way, but also provides an underlying hope for the future. The powerful vocals are highlighted by some of the richest productions musicly,that have ever been done.

This is truly a life long project,brought together to not only give eargasms, but also to convey a feeling of not being the only one… Bill will definately be here to stay. So be sure to latch on to what many think may become the king of soul. Remember, its Jussbill…


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