“The Sex Slaves are red light Romeos, Casanovas of cock rock, virile vaudevillians with a bevy of backstage beauties, ass-strapped and action-packed like an orgy of nighttime nonsense.” –

Hailing from New York City’s lower east side the Sex Slaves–Eric13, Del Cheetah and J/Bomb sound like they’ve just stumbled out of a rat-infested, garbage-strewn alleyway after an all-night binge. Their music is a sleazy, trashy excursion into the sordid underworld of Rock n’ Roll where absolutely anything goes and where very few participants actually get out in one piece. It’s a sinfully enticing noise born out of the gutter and raised on the deserted street corners of New York’s Lower East Side. It’s recklessly clothed head-to-toe in denim and black leather with a permanent, sneering scowl, a magnificent addiction, a pleasurable perversion, a lewd and crude musical art form worthy of undying devotion.

It’s Rock n’ Roll, and the Sex Slaves wear it well, live it proudly and play it LOUD, or don’t play it at all!!

“Think of your favorite band. You know the one that makes you smile when you hear the first few notes of their song or the one that makes you scream your voice hoarse at their live shows. Well press the mental erase button on those has-beens and prepare to meet your new favorite band.” –

18-Jan Chicago, IL Reggie’s
19-Jan Detroit, MI Blondie’s
20-Jan Pittsburg, PA Diesel
21-Jan Huntington, WV V Club
22-Jan Charlotte, NC Casbah at Tremont
23-Jan Atlanta, GA Masquerade
24-Jan Tallahassee, FL Big Daddy’s
25-Jan Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabbits
27-Jan Orlando, FL Back Booth
28-Jan Palm Beach, FL Club La Vela

“Sex Slaves offer a real hard-edged rock sound that really has some ballz to it. The new record has attitude, it has got rawness and it has a whole lot of substance.” –

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