Pendragon – cover artwork and tracklist of “Concerto Maximo” DVD revealed

As previously announced Metal Mind Productions will release brand new DVD by Pendragon – “Concerto Maximo”. The legendary neo-prog rock band for once more visited the WyspiaÅ„ski Theater in Katowice, Poland, this time to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary. With their outstanding performance, possibly one of the best the Polish audience had ever had a chance to witness, and with their line-up strengthened by the addition of a new drummer Scott Higham (also known from his past cooperation with Clive Nolan on the project Caamora), the band surely proved that they’re still a formidable force on the prog-rock scene!

Nick Barrett comments: “So 2008 was the 30th Anniversary of Pendragon….they said we wouldn’t make it….they were wrong! Not only have we made it but it seems we have made a most relevant and very well received album this year, “Pure”. The tour that this DVD is from is another show from the Teatr Slaski in Katowice Poland, which was part of a 30 date European jaunt to promote the new Pure album. Even though there are only 3 songs from the “Pure” album on the DVD which is about 20 minutes of material …..yes we did want to play “Indigo” as well, but with new drummer Scott and 4 hours of material to learn for our Megadaze [UK convention] and Peel To The Power of 2 shows, we never had enough time to rehearse it. However we did want to film and record material that hadn’t appeared on the other DVDs, but when we tried the proposed set list for the DVD in Bielsko, it didn’t quite gel together and we felt missed a few classics, so we decided to make this a really huge 3 hour DVD, and add some of the crowd favourites as well, like “Spell” and “Masters”, besides you have never heard these songs with Scotty on……I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed!”

“Concerto Maximo” DVD features 150 minutes of the band’s performance recorded on the 13th October 2008 in Wyspiańki Theatre, an exclusive bonus video featuring interviews with the band members and behind the scenes footage, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, photo gallery and more! DVD will be also available in two other formats: limited edition DVD+2CD and 2 CD digipak (limited to 1000 copies).

“Concerto Maximo”


1. Walls of Babylon
2. A Man of Nomadic Traits
3. Wishing Well
4. Eraserhead
5. Total Recall
6. Nostradamus
7. Learning Curve
8. Breaking the Spell
9. Sister Bluebird
10. Shadow
11. The Freak Show
12. The Voyager
13. It’s Only Me
14. Masters of Illusion
15. King of the Castle
16. And We’ll Go Hunting Deer
17. Queen of Hearts
+ bonus features

The release date was 23rd February 2009 in Europe and is 10th March 2009 in USA (via MVD).

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