The Appleseed Cast – Lost Songs (CD)

I don’t know exactly how many people are familiar with the band, but this was my first actual serious listening to The Appleseed Cast. I don’t want to start off a review with just shoving The Appleseed Cast into a pre-determined label, as there is just so much more to this band than fitting into some genre that people may ignore immediately. The disc plays well on so many levels, whether it is incidental music for whatever occasion or if one is intensely listening to it.

“Lost Songs” is almost a misleading nomen for this album, as that type of title usually signifies a number of songs coming from all different periods of the bands history. This is not the case with this album, as all songs on this disc flow together to make one entire work, one entire novel, with each song as a chapter. Four tracks on this disc were culled in the in-between days of 1999 when The Appleseed Cast was looking for a permanent drummer, and were re-worked to mesh perfectly with the other tracks on the CD. Each track adds something new to the entire CD, and while some songs lack any lyrics, they add twice as much to the discussion with the superior instrumentation.

This is not a disjointed, thrown together album like many of the compilations of unreleased songs are nowadays. This is, at least to me, a new work, a new opus, that everyone that is truly interested in the future of independent music should pick up and set aside forty minutes each night to listen to.

Rating : 8.9/10.

The Appleseed Cast – Lost Songs

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