The Naked Hearts announces release of debut EP. Download the “These Knees” record now and check out the band live later this month.

“…melancholic and moving pop gems.” – Earfarm

“[The] Naked Hearts make sludgy guitar rock perfect for rainy days or the morning after something bad happens.” – The L Magazine

“The Naked Hearts create a world wrought with wonder and melancholy… we’re super into the lo-fi dreamy world (they) stew up.” – The Culture of Me

“Minimalist post-punk grooves and spooky male/female vocals land this trio somewhere in the Joy Division and Helium territory… dancey drum beats, airy female vocals and great pop melodies mixed together with artier rock sounds” – CMJ

“Projected shifting patterns provided the only illumination onstage and emphasized the spare, dark qualities of the band’s material. It was great to hear these songs, previously confined to the intimate but limited confines of a 4-track recording, come to life and pop with an urgent swagger in the live setting. Even better was the handful of other standout tracks I had yet to hear (and that hopefully will all make it onto the band’s forthcoming debut album)” – Earfarm

“The Naked Hearts… straightforward coolness is hard not to like.” – Village Voice

“Watch out for these guys: [The] Naked Hearts. They have a very indie sound, kind of understated and melancholic but very cool, with some gorgeous melodic openings, and a good attention to song structure.” – The Deli

The Naked Hearts formed in New York City in January 2008. Their unique brand of pop combines the grungy, stripped down style of early 90’s bands such as The Breeders and The Lemonheads with the structured elegance of bands like Blonde Redhead and Autolux.

Songwriters Amy Cooper (San Francisco) and Noah Wheeler (St. Louis) met in NYC while both playing the same night at the same club. Soon after Noah joined Amy on the road promoting her second solo release. While on the road, they began writing songs together; the first was called “Naked Hearts.” They recorded the first few songs onto a 4-track (Tascam 246). Soon after releasing the recordings they began setting up shows with like-minded bands and played over 30 shows in 2008 as The Naked Hearts.

In July 2008 they recorded These Knees, their debut EP, with producer/engineer Dan Long (Film School, The Jealous Girlfriends). The recording is set be released on 12-inch vinyl and as a digital download in January, 2009.

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