Brett Terry – Instant History (CD)

While Brett Terry has been declared by some to be influenced by The Beatles, I feel that what he puts forth on “Instant History” is much more unique and impressive than that comparison would have individuals believe. Tracks like “Unharmed” show an individual that establishes his own sound early in the disc, and ensures that listeners will be salivating for more with each subsequent track. “On Alexander Street” will blow listeners away from the start; the intense guitar work present at the onset of the track will easily remind listeners of virtuosos like Santana or Eric Clapton in his Cream heyday.

“Unharmed” has a much more sedate feel to it than “On Alexander Street”, and this different tack taken by Terry makes listeners wonder where exactly he will go on the disc’s next eight tracks. This makes the work put into a track like “Peace of Mind” that much more impressive; the disc’s retro feel makes it seem like a perfect fit for a classic rock station, linking onto the work of America and James Taylor. However, “Peace of Mind” is a track that goes beyond that general sound and further establishes Terry’s own sound. This sound is further refined during the nuanced guitar work and complex vocal harmonies in “Baby”. “Underneath Her Wings”, the penultimate track on “Instant History”, shows listeners that the tendency of acts and bands to put the chaff on the second half of the disc is fundamentally flawed.

“Instant History” keeps the momentum created by the rest of the album intact, and ensures that the fan base is still hanging on Terry’s every word when “Slow Moving Train” starts. This results in a track that will stick with listeners for weeks, if not months after “Instant History” wraps up. Each track on “Instant History” works to create a full experience that will ensure that listeners stick around until that time when Terry releases his next album or takes the show on the road. If you like smart rock that is never afraid to take on different genres and sounds in the creation of the best possible music, buy a copy of “Instant History” today.

Top Tracks: Unharmed, Sister

Rating: 8.4/10

Brett Terry – Instant History / 2008 Self / 10 Tracks /

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