D.O.A. Canada’s legendary punks are jetting off on a European tour!

The European tour starts Tuesday March 31st in Paris. It’s a grueling marathon of 20 shows in 20 days, but The Men of Action are ready! Starting Thursday April 2nd D.O.A. will be posting a daily video blog. Follow Canada’s best punk band as they blast their way through eight countries over the next three weeks.

Check into www.suddendeath.com and hit the link to catch up on the shows and the action. D.O.A. will also compile a ton of footage which will be part of their next release: D.O.A. 30th Anniversary DVD.

Keep up the fight sisters and brothers!

D.O.A. Euro Tour 2009

March 31 Pena Festayre, Paris, France
April 1 Mistral Palace, Valence, France
April 2 Estraperlo Club Del Ritmo, Badalona (Barcelona) Spain
April 3 Sala Reset, Zaragoza, Spain
April 4 Sala 360(Mondragon) Arrasate, Spain
April 5 CCM John Lennon, Limoges, France
April 6 Crazy House Club, Fano, Italy
April 7 United Club, Torino, Italy
April 8 Cox 18, Milano, Italy
April 9 Skaletta Rock Club, La Spezia, Italy
April 10 INIT, Roma, Italy
April 11 CSA Ex Emerson, Firenze, Italy
April 12 CSA Dordoni, Cremona, Italy
April 13 Pieffe Factory, Gorizia, Italy
April 14 Pauk, Zagreb, Croatia
April 15 Arena, Vienna, Austria
April 16 Alte Hackerei, Karlsruhe, Germany
April 17 The Rock Temple, Kerkade, Netherlands
April 18 Muziek Club 4AD, Diksmuide, Belgium
April 19 Sonic Ballroom, Cologne, Germany

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