With the most powerful supersonic vocal range ever, heavy guitar riffs and hard hitting lyrics “The Commander-In-Chief” fires her vocal missiles at corporate greed, dictators and failed systems on her sensational debut EP “State of the Union 2009”.

This 19 year old songwriter, guitarist, singer and visual artist is the creator of a new, powerful and fresh music style;
Hybrid Rock: the power of Rock with the message of Punk and the catchiness if Pop – inspired by Metal techniques!

With a vocal range from D3 to G6 she almost blew the system in the recording studio when she recorded the supersonic parts of “Starving Artist” and “Dropout”.
She nailed no less than four G6s in “Starving Artist” a song that shows off her full range, 3 octaves and 5 notes! The EP was recorded in December 2008, backed by a private investor.

After releasing her debut EP on her own label less than three weeks ago, her music is being played on independent rock and metal radios in ten countries. It has been called “The music this decade has long been waiting for” (Mike Mitchell, bcb106,6FM, UK). She has been described as “a vocalist with the range of Mariah Carey with the attitude of Billie Joe from Green Day” (DJ Meatwad, Head Case Radio) and her songwriting skills are being compared to Jack White from The White Stripes (DJ Meatwad, Head Case Radio).

Self-taught on guitar, The Commander started to play at the age of 14. She attended “The Metal Hammer guitar weekend” in August 2008, where she had master classes with Steve Smyth (Nevermore and Testament) and acclaimed guitar teacher Martin Goulding.
Her international upbringing in five countries has inspired her to write about global issues such as freedom of speech, violence, corporate greed and global warming. She has lived in London since August 2008 where she is currently specializing in Metal techniques on guitar with Martin Goulding. She is also studying Italian Bel Canto singing. The Commander has put together a band in London and she plans to start performing from May 2009.
This EP can be ordered online at www.thecommanderinchief.net where the music can be heard as well.

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