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Los Angeles, CA – Argyle Johansen’s double tracked vocals instantly invite us into hum-able stories such as “The Smile On My Face”, rich with harmonica and gorgeous guitar licks. Deeper into the set we find melodic and lyrical in-lays creating a series of acoustic stories such as “Mystery Man” and the meaningful “Candlestick”. Throughout, there’s the promise of love and hope even in the tales of Amsterdam and LSD. Argyle’s artistic expression is laid-back and free and original, reminding us of the Americana that made everyone from Simon and Garfunkel to Jack Johnson household names.

“Candlestick” the kick-off single from Argyle Johansen album

Los Angeles, CA – Argyle Johansen’s distinctive folksy alt-blues is rolling out the vibes with the advent of his new single, “Candlestick,” touting the release of his self-titled album.

Johansen’s startling sound bleeds across genre lines. His acoustic-grounded but electric tinged organica come across as the captain’s log of a musical time machine. Quirky alternative rock, classic gentle folk-pop, blues licks, tinges of coaxing soul, a dash of the rustic, singer-songwriter and more. “Candlestick” transcends time and style in a fusion of smoothly blended influences.

The song’s theme resonates through such lines as, “All that is left of me is a wick burning in the center from a candlestick.” The song is a perfect example of how Johansen approaches music: “It tells a story that I felt was worth sharing with people, and that’s what I like to and try to do.”

In addition to his song “Sunny Day in Hell” being licensed by Showtime Network for use in the show “Californication,” Argyle Johansen’s debut album has been featured on several blogs in the year since it’s unofficial release and received an honorable mention on Creamy Radio’s (Tempe, Arizona) “Top 5 Albums of 2008.” Argyle Johansen can regularly be seen performing every month in New York’s East Village with the Antagonist Movement Art Show and has also become firmly embedded in the ubiquitous scene that is live music in Brooklyn, playing out regularly solo, as a duo and at times, as a full band (depending on the night you catch him/them).

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