Introduces Jonathan Key

This is Jonathan Key born in Dongen a little place in the netherlands. He is 44 years old singer/songwriter. he wrote these lyrics because he had to. All these songs are related to someone or something that crossed his path and to deal with the aspects of life he had to find a way to express himself. So he did and still does! His songs are fun to listen to and for some a little peace or an answer, like we all sometimes find answers in somebody elses songs.

This is what he always wanted to do. Writing lyrics making music and let people listen. It all began with a dream. A few years ago he wrote his own dutch poëtry novel before that, he joined a wonderful group of people, a dutch musical group “ Zpinazie” and they gave him the chance to act and sing and dance in 2 little musicals and a stage-play. He was thirty four. He is living his dream.

You see you are never to old to make your dreams come true. godbless thanx for listening to his songs You can find his songs on:

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