Paul Bryan “Listen Of” To Be Re-Released

To inaugurate this new collection Sonar Kollektiv has the honor to re-issue the wonderful folk album Listen of from Brazilian singer-songwriter PAUL BRYAN aka SÉRGIO SÁ originally released in 1973 on the label Top Tape in Brazil. JAZZANOVA member JUERGEN VON KNOBLAUCH found the LP while record digging in Berlin 9 years ago. He played it to the rest of the collective and they all instantly fell for it. Listen Of is also a real collectors’ item almost impossible to find outside Brazil. This re-release is thus a gift to all those, who have been looking for it in vain up to now.

PAUL BRYAN is the pseudonym that Brazilian artist and musician SÉRGIO SÁ used to produce an album of British and American influenced folk tunes. SÉRGIO SÁ is a blind-born keyboard player with a long and successful musical career in Brazil as composer, producer and arranger.

He recorded with famous artists like ‘the king’ ROBERTO CARLOS, GILBERTO GIL, SIMONE, TIM MAIA, HERMETO PASCHOAL, FABIO JUNIOR, JANE DUBOC and THE TRAPALHOES amongst many others. In his journey SERGIO has had the opportunity to live in the USA, a place where his learning and professionalism strengthened. For 3 years, during the 80s, Sérgio worked in LA and Washington. He had the chance to work there for STEVIE WONDER and to create a few songs for him.

As the time goes by this record has been forgotten but it was without counting on JAZZANOVA, who proudly re-release it on Sonar Kollektiv 35 years after! And after all those years Listen Of is still a beautiful and soothing record of ballads and romantic songs. And like JAZZANOVA you will fall in love with PAUL BRYAN’s Listen Of instantly too.

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