Milwaukee-based metal band 9mm Solution is set to release its sophomore album, “The Dream Is Dead,” on Rock Ridge Music on June 9, 2009. The band was brought to the label’s attention by new labelmates Psychostick. Says band guitarist Dave Gregor: “Working with the Rock Ridge team has been a great experience. They know what they are doing and they want their bands to succeed. We have been searching for a home for a while now and found it. We are a hard-working band for the people, and we hope they enjoy the album as much as we do.”

For years, the fearsome foursome known as 9mm SOLUTION has been turning heads and eradicating eardrums, leaving bloody, barely moving masses as they tore across the Midwest’s music scene. One of the many things that has always set 9mm SOLUTION apart from other acts has been its seemingly effortless ability to cover the spectrum of today’s heavy metal sound.

When the band formed in 2003, it was clear that these boys had a very real goal in mind. In spring of 2006, the band shocked fans, reintroducing themselves by taking the stage at Milwaukee’s Rave dressed in matching suits. It was around this time when SOiL bassist Tim King came into the picture and kicked things up a notch by producing the band’s music, which piqued the ears of industry greats like Ulrich Wild (Static X, Deftones, Tool), and Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Hellyeah), who also signed on to mix various projects for the band.

9mm SOLUTION released its first full length album, “One Shot… One Kill,” in the summer of 2006 through King’s Mortal Music. It gained wide recognition throughout college and mainstream radio, and the band played shows alongside bands like Five Finger Death Punch and Hellyeah, with its fans, the Bulletheads, head-banging in the crowd.

9mm SOLUTION is: Dave Gregor (guitars, vocals), Chad Novell (bass, vocals), Joe Thillman (drums), and Hobbes Caltous (lead vocals).


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