Ronda Matson – Truth Be Told (CD)

“Weight” is a bit of country music that plays on a number of different movements in that genre. What results is a track that has a little bit of Reba McEntire, pieces of Shania Twain, and even a little Stevie Nicks at the periphery. “Bonny Call” removes some of the country that was present in this introduction and brings Matson’s unique style to a wider array of listeners. Throwing in a little bit of folk, “Bonny Call” relies not on the instrumentation but rather Matson’s voice itself to create the catchy harmonies that are dominant during the track.

The title track to “Truth Be Told” has a decidedly more contemporary type of sound than either of the two beginning tracks, as Matson’s vocals take on a more Linda Perry type of sound for the track. Where most artists would require a heavy, omnipresent type of instrumentation to make their vocals palatable, Matson’s vocals shine brightest when the instrumentation recedes. Matson’s vocals are something special, and if the album was nothing but them, I think we would have the initial offering for a new direction of music.

By mooring her vocals to the instrumentation, as is done to great effect during mid-disc tracks like “The World Turns ‘Round” and “My Baby Baby”, Matson lies down the foundation for this new style of music in a way that listeners can appreciate. “Illusion” spins things in a slightly different way; the folk style first broached during “Bonny Call” is converted into an homage of the style that was oh so common during the sixties. The track works on “Truth Be Told” because Matson and all involved are that talented, creating a better type of folk music than was present during that period. Where each of the tracks on the album are solid in their own right, I cannot help but think that seeing Matson live would showcase yet another bit of the richness that is present on this disc. See Matson in all forms, to gain a proper appreciation for the impressive style of music that she fosters throughout the entirety of “Truth Be Told”.

Top Tracks: The World Turns ‘Round, Truth Be Told

Rating: 8.3/10

Ronda Matson – Truth Be Told / 2009 Self / 12 Tracks /

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