Schleusolz – Running Out of Time (CD)

The tight arrangement of Schleusolz comes out the moment that listeners put in “Running Out of Time”. “They are here!” is a track that blends together rock, ska, and new wave into something that will have everyone out on the dance floor. The slower approach of “Who are you?” draws heavily on the blues tradition, but has a contemporary sound that will resonate in the minds and hearts of anyone listening in. “Make my heart go boom” is a similarly interesting track, as it brings together polka, traditional types of dance, and even martial music into a coherent track.
“Make my heart go boom” continues with the trends put forth during the earlier tracks on “Running Out of Time”, acting as a summation for the wide array of approaches that had already been taken. By summing these styles up, Schleusolz is able to go forth and take an entirely new approach during the beginning of “Karoshi dancing”. The inclusion of a synthesized equivalent to bells give “Karoshi dancing” an otherworldly flair, something that speaks more to the ambient fans than anything. Schleusolz is able to create a narrative during “Acid in the sea” through the interplay of synthesizers, percussion, and other present elements that speaks to anyone listening, regardless of the language they may speak or the familiarity that they may have with the style of music that Schleusolz takes on.

“Transistor blast” has a vocal component to it, but rather than forwarding the track in typical ways, the vocals themselves act in an instrumental way. Through these different roles, Schleusolz is able to make a truly and thoroughly impressive album.

While challenging, listeners that give the tracks on “Running Out of Time” proper shrift can reap great rewards. “Running Out of Time” is one of the few albums that can succeed time after time, in a period when a number of different acts place three or four solid tracks alongside a number of weaker ones. Regardless of whether you like dance or electronic music, Schleusolz has put forth enough care in the creation of this album that there will be something that anyone can appreciate.

Top Tracks: Make My Heart Go Boom, Two Canadians in Mockba

Rating: 8.0/10

Schleusolz – Running Out of Time / 2009 Self / 17 Tracks /

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