So Many Dynamos offer free MP3 of “New Bones”

The Loud Wars now out June 9, 2009

“Wars contains dense pop songs driven by complex rhythms, puncture-wound guitars and short-circuited synths.”

– Alternative Press “100 Bands You Need To Know”

“… four guys joyfully cranking out music that is spastic but considered, proficient but spontaneous, unabashedly fun and very, very smart. So Many Dynamos could easily get by on musicianship alone, but they seem intent on pushing themselves, finding that perfect balance between dance party communalism and mad scientist experimentation.” – Matt Lemay

(March 24, 2009) – So Many Dynamos today release “New Bones” from The Loud Wars – their upcoming third full-length that is now due out on Vagrant Records on June 9, 2009.

So Many Dynamos have been developing their own highly evolved brand of indie rock over the last six years that touches on math rock, dance punk and indie pop. With over 400 shows under their belt, they’ve built up a dedicated following by touring with bands like The Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie, Ra Ra Riot, and Cursive.

They’ve also wrestled with their share of setbacks along the way, but looking on the bright side… if the band’s gear hadn’t been stolen in Seattle in 2006 they wouldn’t have connected with Death Cab for Cutie guitarist Chris Walla. Walla not only loaned them guitars to finish their tour but also offered to produce The Loud Wars at his home studio in Portland, Oregon and Tiny Telephone Studio in San Francisco, California.

Walla had been a fan of So Many Dynamos 2006 breakthrough Flashlights and his inventive production on The Loud Wars is full of audio trickery and hidden delights. Attached is an MP3 of the futuristic dance-jam “New Bones” (think Talking Heads’ “Born Under Punches” performed in space).

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