Cincinnati duo Bad Veins have been turning heads since the self-release of their 4-track demo in 2007 caused them to learn how to run before they even knew how to walk. The marathon landed the band at Dangerbird Records. “Trying to get a label deal secured was kind of like running laps without any clue as to how many laps we were supposed to be running,” reveals Benjamin Davis (vocals/guitars/keyboards/synths), of this partnership. The bourgeoning Los Angeles-based indie will look to release the band’s debut full-length in July.

Eschewing the standard full band set-up for a 1973 Pioneer reel-to-reel recorder lovingly named Irene, the duo of Benjamin Davis and Sebastien Schultz create dense orchestral indie-pop, both on stage and off, with an arsenal of synths, guitar, drums and the skillful use of a megaphone and telephone.

With just this short time as an outfit behind them, the dynamic twosome has already shared stages with bands ranging from The Hold Steady to The Virgins and garnered attention from national media including USA Today, who dubbed Bad Veins, “The best band I’ve seen at CMJ,” following their performance at the 2008 Festival.

Dangerbird Records has continually championed young talent and was drawn to Bad Veins’ musicality and corresponding work ethos. “The people at Dangerbird were so genuine and kind to us – we immediately felt welcomed and were treated as though we were part of their family the minute we walked through their doors,” offers Schultz (drums) about their early encounters. Davis adds: “It’s nice to work with a label where I can get the prez on the phone if for no other reason than to tell him that I think he’s Twittering too much.”

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