Doctors & Dealers!

Buoyed by the success of debut album, Confessions Of A Drunken Mind, Swedish one-man band,Doctors & Dealers returns with her sophomore effort, Lost Friends And Newfound Habits. Still entirely home-recorded and produced, the album features a myriad of instruments from kazoos, maracas to cellos and trumpets – the album is a more robust, collection of tracks with finer-honed production but still retaining the cute charm of the debut album. The record features a duet with James Huggins of flamboyant art-rock outfit, Of Montreal, via the song “The Odds Are On Our Side,” a bittersweet relationship manifesto to the tune of twinkling keys and percussion and horns. Unselfconscious, honest, self-effacing, D&D continue to put words and music to all the trials and tribulations of life. If Confessions was a hedonistic journey of never-ending parties and love affairs, Lost Friends And Newfound Habits is the hindsight view of it. The rose tinted glasses and the gloves are off. But somehow a smile remains.
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