Ebony Bones “The Musik” Video

EBONY BONES! A vocalist and instrumentalist who sings like Annabella Lwin on PCP while patrolling the stage like an Amazonian Warrior with an acute eye for fashion.

If there’s one thing to sum up EBONY BONES! and her anti- conformity, multi-stylistic freakoid upturning of popular music culture, it is that EBONY BONES! is a cultural chameleon. Magically explosive, everything she sees is an inspiration. A banshee, a redeemer, a wholly unique artist for our time who sees everything and has the devil’s tail in her hands..

Starting from a blank page, Ebony put up self produced tracks on a blank myspace, and let the songs do the work. With the electricity and shock and awe these tracks conjured, it got the web in a spin, and the word spread like wild fire. Everyone took notice, from Timbaland, to Massive Attack, Grace Jones and even Grammy Award winners Basement Jaxx..

Mesmerising tracks like ‘We Know All About U’, with menacing grooves, haunting refrains and clattering percussion, give you the first flash into her world, that will soon be yours..

More alive and exciting than anything else around right now, EBONY BONES! is a globe-trotting, jaw-dropping proposition. She is the future, leaving you with sweet psychedelic dreams and a rainbow of excitement everywhere she goes.

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