Estrella Cristina – This Is Life EP (CD)

“Nonstop” is the focal point on the “This Is Life” EP, and this track is something that acts as a great introduction to Estrella Cristina. This is due to the eclectic composition of “Nonstop”, which takes on a wide body of work in the formulation of Cristina’s sound. There are hints of classic alternative artists like Natalie Cole, Jewel, and Lisa Loeb just as there are subtle touches of contemporary artists like Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson. “Nonstop” is three and a half minutes of pop perfect, a delight that opens listeners up for the different facets of Cristina.

“In Between Days” takes listeners on a different journey, but Cristina has the talent to link together the two distinct approaches taken in a fulfilling way. “In Between Days” is so different because takes a classic Cure track and imbues it with just enough of her soul to make it into something special. While I would not think I could hear a cover of a Cure track that is competitive in terms of quality with the original, Cristina’s “In Between Days” is neck and neck with the Robert Smith version. “This Is Life”, the titular track for the EP, ends off the festivities. Cristina is smart here by placing this track at the end for a number of reasons.

First, listeners are more familiar with Cristina’s work and can give her a little more attention than would be the case if she lead the EP off with the track, while the track itself works as a bridge between what is present on this CD and what will ultimately be par for the course on her upcoming full length. “This Is Life” is emotionally intense and showcases Cristina flipping the script yet again; where the previous tracks either blended together the vocal and instrumental or gave more of a focus to the instrumental side, this final track relies heavily on the harmonies crafted by her capable voice. Where a number of artists just do not have the chops to make a solid song with such a load on their shoulders, Cristina is able to make a track that stands above the works put out by other contemporary artists.

Top Track: Nonstop

Rating: 8.3/10

Estrella Cristina – This Is Life EP / 2009 Self / 3 Tracks /

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