NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Richard Kapp

Richard Kapp, born 1976, is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist living in the city of Vienna, Austria. From an early age he has been involved in the creation of music, first came the piano, then came the drums, later a bit of guitar. A prolific musician in his native city he has been involved in many different musical projects as a keyboardist, drummer and composer. His style has been desribed as very unique, original, quirky, smart, camp, dramatic, cynical and in-love-with-harmony. Richard’s music reminds about easily overlooked details in our society, emotions, pathetic acts and dreams.

Richard’s music has been compared to ELO, The Divine Comedy, Burt Bacharach, 10cc, Noel Coward, Scott Walker, Hawksley Workman, Van Dyke Parkes. Rufus Wainwright, Ben Folds and many other musicians. His songs have been featured on several compilations and have been aired at podcasts and independent radiostations. The scotish radiostation Radio Six International even nominated Richard for the Record Of The Year award. Out of 300 international artists he reached place #9. He was also in the Top10 (Hitline) at the music portal Richard also has a growing fanbase on the web (i.e. Myspace) and was featured on several compilations like Band:Union IV, Band:Union V, Planet Of Sound Vol.1, the benefit CD „Hope Never Dies“ and the austrian sampler „MusikVonHier Vol.2“.

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