Introduces Noah The Genius

Noah’s music is gospel-drenched, soulful music…socially conscious, spiritual lyrics that are Biblically versed…poetic and metaphoric love songs, yet at the same time beautifully simple…

Put aside any stereotypes you may have about soul or spiritual music. Noah the Genius fuses the two so smoothly and passionately that you can feel both the music and the message, but without feeling like you’re being preached to. He takes an honest approach to life, knowing that it encompasses all of joy, pain, conflict, understanding and more, and this all comes out in his music.

His father was a pastor and choir singer, and his grandfather was a musician in a gospel quartet. Steeped in a spiritual upbringing and deeply affected by the life-inspired lyrics of gospel hymns, this Chicago-based artist has focused on impassioned vocals and heartfelt lyrics in his own songwriting: “I want people to walk away with a sense of purpose, an urgency to find out what they should be doing in life. Traditional things like love, compassion, sympathy, mercy are out of style in favor of vices and materialism. But that stuff always has an end, or demise. When you have LOVE, you can go forever.”

As an artist whose music is so influenced by a higher power, Noah himself still struggles to live out what his music says. He understands “that’s part of being an artist. Once you reach that point you want to be, you can retire, but when you have pain and conflict, you have something to give to people…the only way you can get people to feel you is to be going through it or have gone thru it yourself. I’m writing about doing all the right things but still working my way towards bettering myself, and that’s my struggle. Trying to ‘get right’ is everyone’s struggle, and that’s how I connect with people.”

Influenced by a variety of artists and diverse genres from gospel to soul, jazz to Afrobeat and reggae to classic rock, Noah the Genius infuses his music with what he truly feels in his heart, featuring emotions and aspirations that everyone can identify with.

He has an EP out called Therapy, which is a sampler covering things such as love, compassion, faith and social change – check it out sometime and you’ll definitely find something you can relate to.

His forthcoming album, We the Beautiful: Children of the Sun, is a collection of both introspective and spiritually uplifting songs to inspire listeners to make a change for the better, both personally and socially.

Everything he believes in manifests in the music. It’s accessible and reaches those who may not have known that they are soul fans or how they are affected by spirituality – with one listen, they will know!

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