Thieves Like Us To Release “I’d Really Like To See You Again” In June


Thieves Like Us is a musical vehicle — an elegant starship, pointed straight to the heart of the listener. They align themselves musically with Europe, and consider Paris their home (although none of them are French).

Pontus Berghe (drums) and Bjorn Berglund (keyboards) are from Sweden. Andy Grier (vocals) is from the United States. They met at a picnic in Berlin.
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People often ask them to describe their sound, and although they encompass a variety of influences, they ultimately consider themselves to be a POP BAND. Yes, the production style is both disco and hip-hop, but the sheer strength of the melodies and emotional depth of the songs makes them classics.

Their first album “Play Music” was written, recorded and mixed in the cities of New York, Berlin, Vienna, London, Rio De Janeiro and Stockholm. They claim the album is mostly about love gone wrong (Drugs In My Body, Lady) and identity problems (Program of The First Part, Headlong Into Night).

But no matter how you interpret Thieves Like Us if you have a pulse, you’ll know their songs by heart already.

Thieves Like Us
“I’d Really Like To See You Again”
Out June 9, 2009 on Shelflife
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1. I’d Really Like To See You Again
2. American Skies
3. Desire (redux)
4. To Joy

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