Far From Finished Signs with Old Shoe Records

Street punk from Boston might be an accurate summation, but a sincere understatement of the musical prowess of the veteran ensemble. Since the band’s inception, countless touring miles logged behind the wheel, performing on stages across the world and back again, combined with the well rounded ear of seasoned songwriters, FFF is so much more than punk. With three studio releases under their belt, FFF’s ability to harness a real sense of melody, meshed with an undeniably explosive delivery has made the band a true to form diamond in the rough.
The latest addition to the burgeoning Southern California punk rock label Old Shoe Records, FFF has returned to the studio with a collection of their most ambitious work to date for their Old Shoe Records debut. As the industry’s dark horse, the boys have not only earned their stripes but have redefined the punk rock standard as a six-piece outfit with an uncompromising approach to songwriting. The potency ensures a new record guaranteed to kick a hole in the conventional. Veteran songwriter and FFF drummer Marc Cannata explains, “With this record we are aiming to take an uncomfortably honest look into our lives.”
In a strong example of the kind of maturity that comes with endless touring and sheer devotion to their craft, FFF might be punk rock, but have effectively created a sub-genre all their own as the band has included eclectic elements of everything from 60’s pop to post modern art rock, the likes of Wilco and others. Tastefully showcasing the band’s influences has transformed FFF into a one of a kind musical powerhouse.
In the midst of working on the yet to be titled third record, Far From Finished recently spent the first part of spring on the road, first stateside with Chicago punk pundits Flatfoot 56. From there the guys continued the next few weeks touring throughout Europe with pop punkers Millencolin. Continuing on FFF now begins a few weeks with Last Target in Japan, then return to Europe to take the stage for festival season spotting various cities. True to the band’s notorious devotion to the road, FFF cements their well-deserved ethic and remains an indelible part of the Old Shoe family. Emerging from a scene latent with all things “core”, FFF has managed to break free from the limitations of any one genre with their ability to consistently progress and crank out good tunes time and time again. Not just punk rock, FFF remains the antithesis of the artist that just recreates the same formula. Adamantly pursuing new levels of reinvention, when it’s FAR FROM FINISHED, expect the unexpected.

For further information, on Old Shoe Records and FAR FROM FINISHED, visit www.oldshoerecords.com and www.myspace.com/farfromfinished


Jun 10 2009 FANDANGO w/ LAST TARGET Osaka
Jun 11 2009 HUCK FINN w/ LAST TARGET Nagoya
Jun 12 2009 LIZARD w/ LAST TARGET Yokohama
Jun 13 2009 HEARTS w/ LAST TARGET Nishikawaguchi
Jun 14 2009 ABC w/ LAST TARGET Shinjuku
Jun 15 2009 K’S DREAM w/ LAST TARGET Inage
Jun 16 2009 CLUB ASIA w/ LAST TARGET Shibuya
Jul 16 2009 Kantine Augsburg
Jul 18 2009 Mighty Sound Festival Olsi U Tabor
Jul 19 2009 Viper Room Wien
Jul 20 2009 Randal Bratislava
Jul 22 2009 Colosseum Kosice
Jul 24 2009 Riez Open Air Festival Brausendorf
Jul 25 2009 Toskanapark U&D Festival Lindau
Jul 28 2009 Bogaloo Pfarrkirchen
Jul 30 2009 Sonic Ballroom Koln
Jul 31 2009 Nauwieser Festival Saarbrucken
Aug 6 2009 Groovestation Dresden
Aug 7 2009 Glade Rock Festival Berlin
Aug 8 2009 Hageland Festival Aarschot
Aug 8 2009 DIE HALLE Frankfurt
Aug 12 2009 Bei Chez Heinz Hannover
Aug 13 2009 The Stage Arnhem
Aug 14 2009 OPEN AIR Stemwede
Aug 15 2009 UMSONST & DRAUSSEN FESTIVAL Lennestadt

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