Michael Ackermann – Kite (CD)

The rich interplay that is had during the introduction to “Kite”” is something that touches me, while the vocals that enter into the equation are unique, to say the least. This results in a track that is special; with a number of distinct genres and shifts in sound, what results here is something that listeners will not soon forget. It is perhaps the inclusion of the strings during the track that strike me as the most ground-shaking; with a dominant approach that looks back to the seventies; Ackermann’s tremendous skill ensures that current fans will be able to appreciate what is laid down during this track.

“Back On The Road” is a track that has a very complex opening arrangement; listeners will have their attention brought to the track with this interesting piano line. These listeners are kept then through a strong current that continually presses the track forward, even when the piano meanders off for the space of a few seconds. The track again defies easily genre convention, but gets into a hellacious groove that will have listeners firmly in Ackermann’s camp by the end of the track. “Our Love” is another great track, as much for how much it varies from the rest of the tracks on the EP s for the fun feelings that it exudes throughout the track’s full run time.

Wherethere may be hints of a Dave Matthews, the inclusion of a funky bass line here gives the track much more soul than Matthews could ever wish for. The “Kite” EP may only run over the course of four tracks, but the confidence and ability shown here by Ackermann cannot be replicated anywhere else. I have a feeling that he will be the next big thing; go to Ackermann’s site and find out a way to get this EP, and be on the ground floor for what should be the next big thing in music. With nary a flaw to be had, this may just be the best EP that I have heard so far this year.

Top Track: Kite

Rating: 8.7/10

Michael Ackermann – Kite / 2009 MUOB Production / http://www.myspace.com/michelackermann

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One thought on “Michael Ackermann – Kite (CD)”

  1. Great article, i agree 100% and am a total fan of Michel’s music too, since 2 months am listening to his ‘Kite’ songs over and over again, and know what? am still not tired of it! And this happens only when it’s real good music. Enjoy!

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