NeuFutur Introduces Chancy

The era of hip-hop music is constantly evolving. Nowadays rappers can’t just get into the entertainment field with the notion of, ‘I can rap,’ they have to have a total package of exemplified characteristics. Such an artist that’s finding his niche into hip-hop with a multitude of skills in the game is Omaha rapper Chancy “HOTTEST IN DA O.” The Mid-West artist, has gone far and beyond to bring “The New Omaha” to the forefront.

For rapper Chancy “Hottest In Da O” Sims (22) the street was a way of life. The versatile style of Chancy’s lyrics makes him stand out from the various other rap cats out in the Mid West. Whether it’s the deliverance of grimy hard freestyles, lyrical bars, or hype performances—Chancy is sure to participate in re-sculpturing the new age landscape of what hip-hop has become. Chancy took the valuable lessons learned on the streets with standard life experiences and poured his all to bring his talents from the ‘hood to the stage. In just the short amount of a year’s time span, Chancy has come along way, from hustling in the streets to chopping up verses in the studio. When Chancy and producer Absolute P got together one day in the studio, Chancy found the missing link that made the perfect fit for his music. Now Chancy bringing his own unique versatility to the table with quality production it’s providing a more prolific appeal. “My music is unique,” explains Chancy. “It’s something for everyone.” Chancy continues, “It’s original, but it’s something you can relate to. The album is crazy. It’s not like what most would expect to come out of Omaha.” The Self-titled Album “LIVE LIFE” release from Chancy is in the process of being completed. No official date has been announced as to when it’s expected to drop.

Chancy is continuing to slowly grind his way to the top of the game to prove that Omaha, Nebraska is a city full of prolific artists. “Several others put Omaha on the map, but I’m bringing the new Omaha up” says Chancy

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