Introduces Teenage Rehab

Description: Simply put, Teenage Rehab is a straight forward punk rock band. Fast and angry traditional hardcore songs and some pop punk inspired sing alongs.


Formed in late 1997, Teenage Rehab have set out on a mission: Cripple indie rock and all this poetic bullshit that people assosciate with punk rock. This deep fried 3 peice have garnered a reputation for being in your face, raw and to the point. If you are unsatisfied with what punk rock has become, Teenage Rehab is what you are looking for. You’ll find no flowers, poetry , perfectly timed jumps or puppy dog eyes. In 2004 Teenage Rehab gained critical acclaim for their sophomore release “More Than A Job. After 4 years of restless touring and recording, Teenage Rehab are slated to release “Goodbye Sanity” in March! In an age where indie, emo and screamo have all but replaced punk music, Teenage Rehab stand out as the pocket of resistance to mainstream and underground trends in music

Press Release:

PUNKNEWS.ORG — Paducah, KY’s Teenage Rehab have announced via their myspace page that their new full length album will be titled Let’s Be Enemies and will include 17 tracks, one which features punk rock legend Wimpy Rutherford on lead vocals. The band opted to record the album in two inch analog format instead of the more common digital recording. The record is slated for an August 2009 release from Jailhouse! Records.
In addition to album news, Teenage Rehab will be hitting the road in July to support the album. They released Goodbye Sanity in 2008.

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