Tekel ‘Acid Bonanga’ is the first release on their Tekelmusic label

After several EPs out of the blue and bearing cryptic titles such as “Smet”, “Créteil connexion” or “Sac d’os”, and a longtime supermarket top-shelf reference album, silence prevailed at Tekel studios: VU meters at -, depressed compressors, hypotensive synthesizers…

One morning while licking the lid of his daily Fjord yogurt, Biboune (aka J. Briffaz) decided that enough was enough and the return of Mini Moog basses was in order! He immediately summoned the other half of his canine duo, LowLow, lost to the Chassagne-Montrachet for the past 2 years, and forced him to strike out a few chords on the PolySix. It’s the grand return of TKL and its new creed: “self-management”.

Tekel, a terrible craving for independence in these troubled times when “DIY” is surely the best means for sticking to one’s principles. Happy go-lucky, they return with Tekelmusic, a new label tailor-made for the occasion and a new motto: gifts, gifts, gifts. A longing for free music haunts them, to avoid the downsides and pitfalls of large-scale distribution as well as to establish a more direct tie with the increasingly supportive audience, growing steadily all over Europe.

And since slow is the way to go, it starts with “Al Jarret” (sorry), a free bonus download with the purchase of their new EP “Acid Bonanga”, coming out in early June 2009. Each new EP will lead to ever more numerous and varied bonus material until total gratuitousness if they feel like it.

No need to befriend the local grocer or impregnate a record store cashier, everything will go through www.tekelmusic.com, which TKL will launch in the next few weeks.%u2028There, the online shopper can embellish his mp3 player, computer or Opel Vectra with all of TKL’s bonus tracks, downloaded for free, to make his girlfriend dance, beer in hand. There also, one may find info, photos, videos, Julien’s latest fashion trends or Loïc’s uncompromising political reviews.Better than a blog, better than a text message, better than a well-trained carrier pigeon or an AP dispatch, Tekel invents the ultimate remedy for inflation: free gifts.

Farewell, cheesy ambience tracks and garbage-bag rhythm sections, “Acid Bonanga EP” will blitzkrieg your ears: first chainsaw solo for LowLow and hurricane drum programming on kazoo by Biboune.

Fans of Dunkirk Jumpstyle will enjoy.

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