The Lonely H prep national tour in support of forthcoming full-length, “Concrete Class”

As the story goes, the last time Don Henley sat at the same booth as the rest of the Eagles, he ordered “Concrete Class.”

With worn out boots and starry eyes, The Lonely H return from the road bearing one thing: “Concrete Class” (The Control Group), their forthcoming third full-length album.

After 200 plus shows in 2008, these knights-in-shining-denim have seen their share of hardwood floors, hopeless drunks, and enough roadkill to feed Detroit. And on top of that, three out the four can’t legally hit happy hour, yet.

Simply put: there is nothing ordinary about Seattle, Washington (by way of Port Angeles, WA) based quartet The Lonely H.

Fronted by the charismatic, 6’7″, 19 year old Mark Fredson, a man hard to miss in any room for both his height and booming voice, and accompanied by the Brothers Whitman – Eric Whitman (guitar) and Johnny Whitman (bass) – and drummer Ben Eyestone, The Lonely H not only look the part, but their sound is as authentic as it comes.

“Those pants are tight, but they ain’t too tight, brother.”


06/20/09 – The Murray – Livingston, MT
06/22/09 – The Red Barn – Williston, ND
06/23/09 – Pangea House – Minot, ND
06/24/09 – The Nestor Tavern – Fargo, ND
06/25/09 – Lee’s Liquor Lounge – Minneapolis, MN
06/26/09 – Nutty’s – Sioux Falls, SD
06/27/09 – O’Leaver’s Pub – Omaha, NE
06/28/09 – Jerry’s Bait Shop – Lenexa, KS
06/30/09 – The Whitewater Tavern – Little Rock, AR
07/01/09 – Two Stick Sushi – Oxford, MI
07/02/09 – The Saint – New Orleans, LA
07/03/09 – Government Street Grocery – Ocean Springs, MS
07/06/09 – Jackrabbits – Jacksonville, FL
07/07/09 – Back Booth – Orlando, FL
07/08/09 – New World Brewery – Tampa, FL
07/09/09 – Soho – Columbus, GA
07/11/09 – Tin Roof – Charleston, SC
07/12/09 – Slims – Raleigh, NC
07/13/09 – Rock Shop – Fayetteville, NC
07/14/09 – The Cave – Chapel Hill, NC
07/15/09 – The Garage – Winston-Salem, NC
07/24/09 – Pianos – New York City, NY
07/28/09 – The Strutt – Kalamazoo, MI
07/31/09 – Up and Under -Milwaukee, WI
08/07/09 – The Basement – Nashville, TN
08/14/09 – Trophy’s – Austin, TX
08/15/09 – The Chat Room – Fort Worth, TX
08/20/09 – Old Ironsides – Sacramento, CA
08/21/09 – Cattleman’s – Rouge River, OR

Following up their debut, 2006’s “Kick Upstairs” and 2007’s “Hair”, both on The Control Group, “Concrete Class” reels with the rawness of Bob Seger’s blue collar howl, and rolls with the purity of a “Tequila Sunrise.”

But, it doesn’t end there — these 12 tracks were recorded and mixed on miles of analog tape, sweat with the heart and honesty to match. Bearing melodies that pump at the passing of every mile marker, the music radiates a steadfast dedication to not only rock and roll music, but to rock and roll as a way of life. This idea, the boys don’t take lightly.

Don’t let the fresh faces and blonde locks fool you, these northwest gauchos have seen more red, white, and blue than that trucker eyeing your little sister. And they’re not satisfied yet. Hitting the road for yet another full course of America in the summer of 2009, the Lonely H would gladly hock all their leather and feathers just to fill the tank one more time. And that, they will.

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