Tone Tank – “King Of Surf Guitar Rap”

Tone Tank, member of rap duo Iller Than Theirs and rap collective Nuclear Family, is back with another free solo project entitled The King of Surf Guitar Rap EP. Following the release of his last free EP, The Black Six Sessions, Tone was due for a much needed vacay from NYC. Embarking west for salvation, Tone ended up in a nearly dilapidated hotel in the middle of the desert in the remote Southwest. There, Tone stumbled upon and befriended a 60’s surf guitar legend who shared old dusty recordings and memorabilia with him. Functioning in a half-mad hallucinogenic state, Tone found that the music and relics provided endless fodder for his creativity and The King of Surf Guitar Rap EP was born.

With direction by Paul Korzan and concept, props, and costumes by Tone Tank, the video for the title track, “King of Surf Guitar Rap,” is equal parts Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Shot almost entirely in Tone’s cramped and dungeonous Brooklyn basement, Tone and Korzan spent weeks on end creating the paper mache set for which Tone could transform into the rapping sea creature. After nightly visits from dinosaurs, luchadores, and debaucherous women, Tone has regained some of his physical and mental capacity and is ready to share the title video, which offers insight into his reclusive and somewhat hallucinogenic state of mind.

Tone & Korzan are proud to present their video, which was just featured on

The King of Surf Guitar Rap EP is available as a FREE download on and

“King Of Surf Guitar Rap”

King Of Surf Guitar Rap EP FREE Download

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