Brian Glaze To Release “Green Living”

Brian Glaze’s notoriety as the original drummer in the Brian Jonestown Massacre is forever eclipsed by his status as a singer/songwriter with his new LP, Green Living, out July 28th on World Famous In San Francisco. This “best of” collection of home recordings makes for a surprisingly cohesive album with a strong narrative arc. In the past Glaze has collaborated in the studio and on the road with Greg Ashley of Gris Gris fame, here Brian has constructed every recording by himself and the result is his most focused effort to date best evidenced in what proves to be the definitive take on “Bad News.” This moody atmospheric demo truly conjures up the feeling that bad news is indeed lurking in the shadows no matter where you go and is sooner or later bound to turn up.

Songs like “Leader of The Band” a strange mash-up of classic Elton John la la la’s and Ariel Pink’s densely layered production is pure pop with a hip lo-fi aesthetic. “Killing Time” recalls shades of Creation Records psychedelic pop band Revolving Paint Dream while “Silver Ashes” mines the territory of late 70’s new wave. The last song on the LP, “Shake Shiloh,” find’s Glaze literally singing “Goodbye” to the listener. Bringing a true sense of closure to an intensely personal musical experience. This record proves that the strength of the song and the highly personal nature of home demo recordings are tough to improve upon. This is Brian Glaze at his best.

Release Date: July 28th, 2009

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