New mp3 from The Press Fire! and SLC’s AGAPE prepares new album for Slanty Shanty

Lordy Lordy The Press Fire! has been working hard lately. Not only did they drop a brand new self-released EP called “ES SLASH TEE” a mere two weeks ago, now they are loading their plates up with more LA shows than one could really consider safe given the anything goes reckless abandon they play everyone of their shows with.

What, don’t believe me?
I can proooove it!
Come bear whitness to the madness:

Jul 31 – Benefit for Eastside Cafe – LA
Aug 3 – KXLU She Rocks – LA
Aug 11 – Silver Factory Studios – LA
Aug 16 – Bixel House Day Time Show – LA
Aug 23 – J Dee’s Landing – Palm Springs
Aug 24 – Women of Crenshaw House – LA

The Press Fire! Alive

Some love from 20 Jazz Funk Greats (one of our fav’s!)
“The Press Fire! aka TPF! needs no added emphasis, but who can resist a good exclamation point? A trio of total rock dudes (Justin, Clay, Pepper) fronted by the sassiest of lady singers (Merisa) and you’ve got yourself a most volatile solution of chemistry class proportions…forget the fire, get your hazard suits on because TPF! is majorly exploding onto the LA scene with robot alarms and disco punk bass/drums that keep you dancing ’til the end. Merisa beckons you to join in her antics, chirping all cutesy-core like the favorite femme leads of Les Georges Leningrad, Kap Bambino and Sick Lipstick. “Hard to Break” blasts neon fireworks that transform into rainbow sprinkles and gummy bears on your strawberry frozen yogurt…I’ll take two please. With some production love from Anavan’s Aaron Buckley, expect nothing but high ponytail hits from TPF!’s upcoming “ES SLASH TEE” EP, coming to a backyard moonbounce party near you”

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