Saddle Creek has announced the signing of Lawrence, KS-based Old Canes and will release the band’s sophomore album, Feral Harmonic, on October 20, 2009.

While folk music at heart, Feral Harmonic is far from traditional, with the songs drawing elements from different influences such as indie and even punk rock. The album explores transcending fear, and the human spirit’s tenacity when faced with life’s complications and challenges. Bold and resounding, the songs run the gamut from barreling and joyous (“Little Bird Courage”) to cautious and foreboding (“Trust”, “Next Flood”) to quiet and wistful (“Southern Radio”).

Old Canes architect Chris Crisci (also known as half of Appleseed Cast) constructed Feral Harmonic largely alone in his basement studio. He played the majority of the instrumentation himself with additional help from a cast of musician friends contributing various parts, including trumpet, harmophone, cello, and hammer dulcimer, among other instruments. As recording was regularly interrupted by touring, work, other projects, and life in general, production on the album took nearly three and a half years to complete.

Full track listing for Feral Harmonic:

1. Intro
2. Little Bird Courage
3. The Last Collapse
4. Trust
5. Next Flood
6. Sweet
7. Under
8. I Will Be The Sun
9. Stuck
10. Flower Faces
11. Black Hill Chapel
12. Southern Radio

Old Canes originated in 2004 when, after Appleseed Cast was unexpectedly asked to perform acoustically at an in-store in Europe, Crisci performed a few songs impromptu based on some melodies he’d been working over. Excited by the enthusiastic response he received and the idea of a second creative outlet, he recorded those songs and more with the help of friends. Second Nature Recordings released the resulting Early Morning Hymns in July 2004.

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