Spiral Beach Set To Release The Only Really Thing

Spiral Beach are sonic rebels unafraid of breaking all the rules and throwing a party in the process! The band’s love of exploring different sounds and song structures is offset by their sophisticated sense of melody and elaborate vocal harmonies. They have also re-imagined the format of a concert, making their shows epic blowouts that last until dawn and the band dances and even cooks with the audience! Playing in uncommon venues such as art galleries, community halls, and circus spaces, the group has created a rare interactive live show that has fans and critics itching for more.

Following the enormous success of their album Ball in their home country Canada, Spiral Beach will be releasing their sophomore effort The Only Really Thing this fall. The energetic new album kicks off with the dynamic “Battery,” a postmodern pop/rock anthem that fuses the raw alternative flair of Blondie with a psychedelic beach party. Other standout tracks such as “Domino,” a kaleidoscopic duet of percussion and piano, ensure that you keep your dancing shoes on until the early hours of the morning, while “Shake The Chain” uses a metal chain as its primary instrument to create a gorgeous and richly layered ballad.

Spiral Beach is constantly pushing the boundaries of contemporary music. From their vintage inspired new-wave sound to their unforgettable live shows, they have already conquered their native Canada by playing numerous festivals (including Toronto’s Virgin Festival) and have been praised by outlets such as Much Music and Toronto’s The Edge. With The Only Really Thing, this daring and exhilarating band’s appeal is ready to take over new territory.

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