Artillery – great reviews from European press + first tour dates!

Artillery, one of the best thrash metal bands around, returned with a brand new studio album. “When Death Comes” is their first studio release since the 1999’s “B.A.C.K”! The album is available in Europe since mid June, and has beegn released in Japan.

So far their new record is getting rave reviews from European media. Here is the one from the British Terrorizer Magazine:

“Five albums in over 25 years isn’t exactly prolific, but what these Danish veterans lack in quantity they more than make up for in quality, and, as with their four previous full-lengths, “When Death Comes” is a sterling example of melodic speed metal at its best. The intricate guitar complexities of the Stutzer brothers are still in full effect, and there are plenty of hell-for-leather speed passages, but the smooth vocals of new frontman Soren Adamson (who also produced the record) have added a new level of accessibility to proceedings, very reminiscent of Toxik at their glorious peak. ‘Not A Nightmare’ sounds like a heavied-up Maiden, ‘The End’ features an intro and outro that wouldn’t be out of place on the latest Candlemass, whilst ‘Rise Above It Al’” could easily give Testament a run for their money, being a near-perfect blend of furious thrash, driving riffage and tasteful hooks. Let’s not wait another ten years for the next one, eh lads?”

Other European magazines also rated Artillery’s new album very high:

Belgium – Rock Tribune 85/100
Czech Republic – Spark 6/6
Denmark – Metalized 8/10
France – Hard Rock 8/10
Germany – Heavy 9/10
Germany – Legacy 14/15
Germany – Rock Hard 9/10
Holland – Aardschok 75/100
Hungary – Hammer World 10/10
Italy – Metal Maniac 8/10
Norway – Norway Rock 4/5
Poland – Metal Hammer 4,5/5
UK – Powerplay 9/10

As part of the promotion campaign for the new album, the band plans to go on tour this Autumn. Here are the first confirmed dates in Denmark:

October 2nd, 2009: Kansas City, Odense
October 3rd, 2009: Club Brutal, Aarhus
October 16th, 2009: The Rock, Copenhagen
October 24th, 2009: Banehuset, Sommersted

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