Bison b.c. team up with Kylesa for US tour!

Vancouver, BC’s Bison b.c. are once again saddling up their infamous tour van, the Blue Bitch, and hitting the road with Georgia’s Kylesa! The like minded pair of riff infested heavy bands will begin their trek in North Carolina, which includes the Planet Caravan Festival with Clutch, Pentagram, Wino, Burst and tons more. The fest will be a perfect beginning to what promises to be a tour filled with ample amounts of banging heads, sloshing cups of beer and plenty of beards!

Vocalist/guitarist James Farwell issues his update: “So I get back from the baptized in beer tour, and I’m hangin’ on the porch with my dog Milo, just shootin’ the shit, and I break the news that I’m goin out on the road again in September…he looks up at me with the sad, disappointed look he has mastered for when I tell him things he doesn’t want to hear. I scratch him behind his ear and say, “but we get to go out with Kylesa, and Tombs and Red Fang will be there to party, and Saviours…” I see his tail start wagging and he says, “Fucking awesome dude…drink a beer for me, cause sometimes this water just doesn’t cut it.”

This tour is not one to miss – Quiet Earth is out now on Metal Blade Records!

“…intense, guitar heavy thrash that would make even Municipal Waste step back in awe.” Alternative Press

“If Mastodon had spent more time listening to Anthrax, they might sound like Vancouver’s Bison B.C.”

“…unpretentious, mountainous rock…frequently sound like Mastodon at their most straightforward, coming impressively close to that band’s mastery of the riff.” Terrorizer Magazine

BISON b.c.
Tour w/Kylesa and Tombs
09/17 Wilmington, NC Soapbox
09/18 Asheville, NC Mo Daddy’s Planet Caravan Festival w/Clutch, Pentagram, Kylesa, Wino, Burst & more
09/19 Charlotte, NC Milestone
09/20 Nashville, TN The End
09/21 Memphis, TN Hi Tone
09/22 Birmingham, AL Bottletree
09/23 New Orleans, LA Hi Ho Lounge
09/24 Austin, TX Red 7
09/25 San Antonio, TX Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar
09/26 Denton, TX Rubber Gloves
09/27 Oklahoma City, OK Conservatory
09/29 Tempe, AZ The Sets w/Kylesa and Landmine Marathon
09/30 Los Angeles, CA Knitting Factory w/Kylesa & Blackmathhorseman
10/01 San Francisco, CA DNA Lounge w/Kylesa & Saviours
10/02 San Jose, CA Voodoo Lounge w/Kylesa & Ludicra
10/03 Eureka, CA Nocturnum w/Kylesa
10/04 Portland, OR Satyricon w/Kylesa
10/05 Seattle, WA Chop Suey w/Kylesa, Red Fang

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