Deep Elm Records is Signing Bands

After a bit of a hiatus due to this crummy economy, DEEP ELM RECORDS IS NOW RELEASING NEW ALBUMS! That’s right…the label has 8 new albums slated for release. Stay tuned for details coming very soon…as soon as next week!

Deep Elm Records believes in the power of music to inspire, excite, comfort and console. We always have and we always will. We all need what music gives us. Think about the records you love so dearly…the songs that make you smile and the songs that make you cry. Now imagine they never existed. There needs to be a label that continues to believe…even when the music industry is in decline and facing its most difficult challenges. That label is Deep Elm…and we will continue to release the best independent recordings available today. Deep Elm remains strong, alive and committed to both its bands and fans worldwide. We are currently singing bands worldwide.

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