Anna Madorsky – Incantation (CD)

“Bloom” is the first track on “Incantation”, and it showcases a wonderful interplay between the vocal and instrumental sides of Madorsky’s compositions. There is a timeless feel to this track that will ensure that all fans of music will be able to find something that they can appreciate. The pacing of “Bloom” is similarly strong; the more martial types of drums here are moderated by Madorsky’s unique voice. “Broken Artifacts” is more slinky and comes forth from a different set of influences than “Bloom” did; this differentiation is what will get listeners strapped in for the long haul.

Where there was a balance between the instrumental and vocal elements the first time out, the vocal dominance during “Broken Artifacts” creates a different experience for listeners. Touching more on sixties psychedelic and eighties gothic styles, the track is a hit for Madorsky. “Change” has a sunnier disposition thank “Broken Artifacts”, using a guitar twinkling at the periphery to bolster Madorsky’s vocals. It is the instrumentation that shines brightest here, though. This is because, despite the outward simplicity of the instrument, there is a tremendously intricate style to the arrangements here that gradually reveal themselves after a number of listens. “Therapist’s Office” stands out as another distinct track on “Incantation”, being fueled with a chunky bass line that fits Madorsky’s vocals well. The increasing tempo of the track brings in a sound that has hints of the B-52s and R.E.M. while ensuring that Madorsky’s moxie is not lost. “Pictures of Hope” is yet another hit for Madorsky, as both instrument and vocals seem to hit on all cylinders.

The Tori Amos-like pianos provide additional emotional layers, while the vocals rise and fall with a confidence that remains even after the track finishes up. This confidence is something that does not disappear with later tracks on “Incantation”, either: “Clinic” and “Soundbyte” are tracks that continue to add to the mystique of the album while setting listeners up for the next effort by Madorsky. What listeners should understand by the end of this album is that Madorsky will continue to make approachable music that is fulfilling, intricate, and will touch anyone lucky enough to tune in.

Top Tracks: Bloom, Pictures of Hope

Rating: 8.7/10

Anna Madorsky – Incantation / 2009 Self / 12 Songs /

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