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Origin: UK
Coldness can be manifested into many different forms. UK-based SANCTUS NEX are modern black metal wanderers, their harmonic/disharmonic tunes a current of perception. A trip into usual and unusual shadings starts there, where black metal is as much a starting point as it is a departure point to develop a new vision and evocative journey. The traditional black metal instruments are just a gateway… SANCTUS NEX invoke the feverish mood of introspection of Deathspell Omega but walk a different occult path… in pursuit of Albion.
Check out a sound sample here:

In related ATMF news:

ABSENTIA LUNAE are readying to re-record their self-released debut album Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes and are composing material for a yet untitled new album.

MELENCOLIA ESTATICA are also in the process of composing new material for what will likely be their last album, before the final withering of the band.

LANTLOS are working on the visual side of .neon which will be crafted by Fursey Teyssier [] once again.

Though release dates have yet to be confirmed, ATMF will be releasing a deluxe digibook edition of TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM’s Onori Funebri Rituali album with a substantial amount of bonus tracks before year’s end.

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